Sacred Soul Tallow Preservative Free Skin Care Frequently Asked Questions


What is tallow?
It’s actually rendered down beef suet which is the inner leaf fat that surrounds the animals kidneys. Rendering is the process in which the fat is slowly melted down, and then purified to get the tallow which is super jam packed with nutrients.

Is this new?
Tallow is not new at all. Its actually the way the skincare used to be before it became super commercialized and packed with petroleum and other toxic ingredients.

What are the benefits?
In short, tallow is incredibly compatible with our skin, super hydrating, and a dense concentration of nutrients that absorb quickly.

Tallow after the slow rendering and purifying process contain Vit A, D, E. K, and B12 which are abundantly nourishing to the skin. The combination of beneficial vitamins is only found together in animal products .

Alpha linoleic and linoleic acids in almost perfect ratio of 1:1 These are also known as Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, and they maintain the structure and barrier function of the skin. They are also helpful for anti-inflammatory and immune responses in skin, including eczema and rosacea.

Steric Acid, and oleic acid are fatty acids that are found in the outer layer of our skin, and In our sebum. They are softening, regenerative, moisturizing, and anti-inflammatory. Steric acid helps to repair skin, improve the elasticity of our skin, and improves skin barrier function.

Oleic acid helps the various beneficial nutrients penetrate deeply into the skin.
They don’t just sit on the top layer as some plant oils do.

CLA or Conjugated linoleic Acid has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, and is also anti-microbial.

Palmitoleic Acid is a very active anti-microbial in our skin. It’s also one of the basic building blocks of our skin and unfortunately decreases with age.
Its helps with the smoothness of skin, and also helps with the skins barrier function.

Does the tallow smell meaty?
All tallow will have a distinct scent. Here at Scared Soul we render and purify so our tallow wont smell like a beef bone on your skin.

Can the tallow mold or go bad?
Yes it can. We suggest always using dry fingers when going into the jar as water can allow for mold to grow. We also suggest not leaving the tallow in a humid room (bathroom) as mold can grow if moisture gets into the jar.

Can tallow melt?
Yes. Average melting points of fats are around 80/85 degrees
If you keep it out in the heat it will melt and most certainly lose volume if its whipped. We whip our tallow with a mixer and pipe into the jar which makes our consistency dense yet fluffy. If it melts it will lose the volume and look thin and more like a solid balm.

Is it safe for babies skin?
YES!!!! Actually we highly suggest using tallow for babies and sensitive skin.
The best one of ours to use is the PURE with the olive oil or PURE with jojoba oil.
Less ingredients is best when it comes to littles and sensitive skin.

Why the big explosion of tallow companies?
I feel today we are always looking for ways to reduce our toxic load, and starting with what we slather on our skin is the reason. Our environment has become heavily polluted, and the same with our water. If we can change a few basic products we use daily then we give our bodies less of a burden to have to work that much harder to sustain health.

Many tallow companies offer different products for different reasons with different ingredients. Its ok to have a market with different companies to choose from.

Our tallow is very tallow heavy, we don’t use many other ingredients in our products and the ratio of olive oil & jojoba oil to tallow is small. Tallow is the star in our products and the other ingredients support the amazing healing benefits of the tallow.

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